Qidrith Pyralis



High Concept:

Dragonkin Shapeshifting Assassin


Ends Justify the Means

Phase 1: Background:

Friends in high places

Phase 2: Rising Action

Something to prove

Phase 3: First Adventure


Skills – Human form

Superb (+5): Weapons, Deceit

Great (+4): Contacts, Might

Good (+3): Athletics, Stealth

Fair (+2): Resources, Alertness

Average (+1): Discipline, Endurance

Skills – Strength Based form

Superb (+5): Fists, Endurance

Great (+4): Might, Alertness

Good (+3): Athletics, Deceit

Fair (+2): Survival, Investigation (Listening)

Average (+1): Discipline, Stealth

Physical Stress: OOOO (+1 extra minor Physical Consequence)

Skills – Agility Based form

Superb (+5): Fists, Athletics

Great (+4): Stealth, Alertness

Good (+3): Investigation (Listening), Survival

Fair (+2): Endurance, Might

Average (+1): Discipline, Deceit

Physical Stress: OOO

Skills – Sneaky/Eavesdropping Based form

Superb (+5): Stealth, Athletics

Great (+4): Investigation (Listening), Alertness

Good (+3): Endurance, Survival

Fair (+2): Fists, Might

Average (+1): Discipline, Deceit

Physical Stress: OOO


Phase 1: Background

The Pyralis’ are a wealthy family, not only because they come from a long line of aristocrats, but also because only upper class couldi afford their services. That being said, the family gained a lot of connections with powerful people such as politicians, celebrities and successful businessmen. In addition, Mr. And Mrs. Pyralis are members of the Umbra Coterie, an invite only gang of A-class supernatural assassins who bounty hunt and sometimes do philanthropic work for New York City. Although Qidrith is not (yet) a member, she has had the opportunity to network with these individuals, usually to get advice and information on her targets. Between clients and members of the Umbra Coterie, Qidrith has an abundance of powerful connections and resources to go to when she is in need.

However, being an assassin doesn’t just have perks. In consequence of having many friends in high places, they have many enemies in high places as well. Not everyone agrees with this line of work, and some may even seek revenge. Therefore, the Pyralis family can never let their guard down and must always be cautious on who to trust.

Phase 2: Rising Conflict

Qidrith Pyralis comes from a prestigious family of shapeshifting assassins. At a very young age, Qidrith had developed skills that most people couldn’t acquire in a lifetime. While other seven year olds played on their iPods and hung out with friends, Qidrith was on her family estate, training. Her father gave a lesson every morning to all the Pyralis children and Qidrith would spend the rest of the day applying the techniques of the lesson in her training. She didn’t stop for the day until long past sunset. Even with Qidrith’s vast talents, most of her father’s attention and praise went to her eldest brother and she was mostly left to her own devices. Instead of wallowing in self pity, Qidrith took her frustration and poured it into her training. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day she would prove herself to her father and receive the respect she desired.

Phase 3: First Adventure

It is tradition in the Pyralis family to complete their first assassination alone on their 16th birthday. Before the age of 16, the Pyralis children’s main tasks during jobs were to look out and distract pedestrians, guards and targets’ family members. This allowed the children to practice their shapeshifting skill as well as keeping their composure in stressful situations. Since part of an assassin’s task is to study their target before hand, Qidrith was assigned her first target one month before her 16th birthday. His name was Brent Copland, a drug lord trying to expand his territory into Qidrith’s client’s turf. By the time her 16th birthday arrived, Qidrith knew her target as if he were a dear friend including his habits, business associates and schedule. It was time. If she succeeded, Qidrith would be assigned jobs on an ongoing basis, if she failed, she would have to wait another year before attempting her next assassination. The morning of her first job, arrives at Copland’s mansion and shapeshifted into one of Copland’s business associates. She passed by his guards without raising any suspicions and sat down to eat brunch with one of New York’s most notorious criminals. Killing was nasty business, not something to attempt on an empty stomach. After brunch, Qidrith got up from her seat and walked up to Copland as if to say goodbye. She had sliced Copland’s throat and before the guards could react she threw two daggers, one at each guard, dropping them where they stood. “Mission accomplished,” she told herself, but it didn’t feel as fulfilling as she expected. It was far too quick, too easy. She stared down at the three men, and watched the blood pool out of their bodies. She wanted more, she needed more. She transformed herself into Copland’s form and made her way to the entertainment room where a few of Copland’s thugs were playing cards. Her mind was clouded by pure bloodlust and the rest was a blur. She couldn’t remember anything except waking up covered in blood and surrounded by bones and scattered pieces of flesh. Her father had to help clean the mess she had created, but the greatest mess was the potential of her losing control again. She unfortunately was not given any clients that year and had to live in her sibblings’ shadows until they all felt like she was mentally stable enough to try again.

Phase 4: Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Guest Star: ???


Phase 5: Who else’s Path Have You Crossed?

Guest Star: ???


Qidrith Pyralis

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