Lu Feng

Enlightened Tibetan Monk



High Concept:

Enlightened Tibetan Monk


Evil Shall Not Stand (reducing karmic debt)

Phase 1: Background:

Strength through discipline, discipline through peace.

Phase 2: Rising Action

Last of my order, or, first of a new order?

Phase 3: First Adventure

Man’s best friend

Phase 4: Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Guest Star: Knight of the Cross, Sanya

Clear Mind, Clear Choice

Phase 5: Who else’s Path Have You Crossed?

Guest Star: Bendricks Greene

Mysterious Outsider


Superb (+5): Fists, Conviction

Great (+4): Endurance, Might

Good (+3): Athletics, Alertness

Fair (+2): Presence, Empathy

Average (+1): Discipline, Rapport

Stunts and Powers


  • Righteousness [-2]
  • Holy touch [-1]
  • Guide my path [-1]
  • The Sight [-1]
  • Karmic Gaze [-0]


  • Destroyer of Abominations (Fists)
  • Righteousness (Conviction)


Item of Power [-1]:

  • One-Time Discount (+2)
  • Claws (-1)
  • Supernatural Sense (-1)
  • Pack Instincts (-1)
  • Supernatural Toughness (-4)
    • The Catch:
      • A Blade used to slay an Innocent (+3)
      • Access to Item: +2
      • Specific Research: +1

Phase 1: Background

I come from a long line of Ancient Tibetan Monks who dedicate their life to reaching enlightenment and bettering themselves through discipline and good deeds. Upon becoming an arhat, you are assigned a temple dog to raise and be its spiritual guide.

Phase 2: Rising Conflict

One night, demons attacked the ancient temple, and slaughtered many of my brothers. While the monks are trained from a young age in the mystical and martial arts, they were caught unawares. I managed to flee, not knowing if any of my brothers survived. Keeping feelings of vengeance and fury are a constant struggle.

Phase 3: First Adventure

Guest Star: Dumpling

After fleeing the monastery, I survived in the mountains and stumbled upon a temple dog pup. For days we trekked through the mountains, only to be cornered by a straggler demon. Together we fended it off. The Order never had a chance to assign me a Fu dog, but perhaps fate just did?

Phase 4: Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Guest Star: Knight of the Cross, Sanya

The Law of Kamma guided my path to Iran. Together, Dumpling and I found our way to the city of Koodankulam, India to the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. There, a Denarian was looking to cause the plant to melt down and wreck havoc over the whole area. I was completely out of my depths, but luckily, fate had guided the Knight of the Cross Sanya to my side. Together we drove off the Fallen saved the city. A good old fashioned team up. We may be from different faiths, but evil is evil, and he was a great partner. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Phase 5: Who else’s Path Have You Crossed?

Guest Star: Bendricks Greene

While lost in the city of New York, Dumpling went missing! This city is just so big, I don’t know how I’ll ever find my way around. I can’t stand the noise and distractions, it’s hard to focus. Eventually a man named Bendricks Greene found me (or did Dumpling bring me a new ally perhaps?) and brought me my dog back. They seem taken with each other. Bendricks was investigating a restless spirit and asked for my aid, which I was happy to oblige. I think I’ve found a good soul in this big city…

Lu Feng

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