Paarthurnax's Gentleman Thief


True Name

Lupin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F’tang-F’tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel


High Concept:

Paarthurnax’s Gentleman Thief


Curiosity Killed the Cat

Phase 1: Background:

Silver Tongued Devil

Phase 2: Rising Action

I Love a Good Challenge

Phase 3: First Adventure

A Dragon’s Rolodex

Phase 4: Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Guest Star: The Archive

Trust In My Gut

Phase 5: Who else’s Path Have You Crossed?

Guest Star: Deadpool

Breaking the 4th Wall


Superb (+5): Burglary, Conviction

Great (+4): Rapport, Discipline

Good (+3): Deceit, Lore

Fair (+2): Presence, Stealth

Average (+1): Contacts, Alertness

Stunts and Powers


  • Sponsored Magic [-4]
  • Marked by Power [-1]


  • Cat Burglar
  • Honest Lies

Phase 1: Background

Lupin had run away from an abusive home at a young age. He tried finding honest work but he couldn’t even make ends meat. He gradually gave up the idea of a honest job and fell in with the local thieves. He had a natural talent for it that soon attracted the attention of a master thief named Cobb. After several years under Cobb’s guidance, Lupin began to recognize that he was able to achieve his goals more easily with his smile and roguish charm them through lies and deceit.

Phase 2: Rising Conflict

According to legend, the Hand of Glory was made out of dried right hand of Robert Loxley. In the hand’s grip was a wax candle that, when lit, would open any door the holder came across. Lupin planned to steal the Hand of Glory during a black tie gala at its owners estate.

The night of the gala, he got in by smooth talking the commissionaire. After entering, he sauntered through the house until he found a enormous vault door in the basement. Lupin withdrew an autodialer from his tuxedo jacket and began to crack the vault. Fifteen minutes later, the autodialer made a series of beeps and the vault door creaked open. He entered the vault and found the Hand of Glory atop a pedestal. As he reached for the artifact it abruptly vanished from sight and the vault door closed behind him.

The whole evening was an elaborate trap set by the hand’s owner, an honest-to-god real life dragon named Paarthurnax. He knew Lupin wouldn’t steal treasures for him unless he had no other choice. That is why he trapped him. With this leverage, he was able to force Lupin to sign a deal. There was, however, a silver lining to the situation. In return for his services, Lupin was bestowed great magical powers. Before Lupin left the estate, Paarthurnax gave him a ornate metal vial of dragon blood to wear around his neck as a symbol of their agreement.

Phase 3: First Adventure

Lupin’s master asked that he appropriate the Seal of Solomon from the Park Avenue Armory. When he went to case the joint, he happened upon a crowd of people outside the building along with several fire trucks and police cars. He asked a bystander what had happened and was told that the fire alarm had gone off. Before long, the staff was let back into the building. Upon entering they discovered that several artifacts had gone missing during the evacuation, including the Seal of Soloman.

Unable to find a lead on its whereabouts, Lupin decided to take a stroll through his master’s enormous treasure vault to clear his mind. In one corner of the vault, he came across an antique fortune teller machine. The machine was made almost entirely of aged oak. The left side of the machine was covered with a carving that depicted a dragon biting a knight in half. Likewise, the right side depicted a knight impaling a dragon with a longsword. The front of the machine had a glass display case which contained an automaton dressed as a gypsy style fortune teller. The automaton was sitting in front of dark red curtains with her hands hovering over a stack of tarot cards. Lupin looked for a coin slot, but instead found a circular keyhole with the word “Deposit” written atop it in elegant golden calligraphy. After staring at the keyhole for a time Lupin had a harebrained idea. He took the dragon blood vial he wore on his neck and inserted it into the keyhole. It fit perfectly. A moment later, there was a sound of moving gears and cogs and the automaton fortune teller came to life. She began to nod her head and move her mouth while her hands gestured over the tarot cards. After a few seconds a strong magical sensation filled the room and the fortune teller picked up a tarot card from the stack and dropped it into the retrieval bin. Lupin picked the card up. It was made of a thick off-white substance heavier then it appeared and smooth to the touch. The card had an image of a golden dragon painted on it. Lupin flipped the card over and saw the name “Alice Victoria Landale” written in its center. Each golden letter of the name was drawn with a meticulous eye for detail. Lupin read the name aloud and felt power in each syllable. Speaking the name had created a link to Alice. The ease in which Lupin had created the link piqued his curiosity. He carefully began to construct a tracking spell by slowly releasing his magical energy into the link.

The spell led Lupin to Alice’s office where he discovered that she was a warlock for hire. Lupin’s gut told him that the machine had sent him there for a reason, so he decided to ask Alice about the Seal of Solomon. When she claimed client confidentiality, Lupin informed her that he was working for Paarthurnax. Alis’s eyes filled with fear and she hastily explained the that a known thief had hired her a few days ago to create an invisibility potion. The times lined up and chances were good that it was the same thief who robbed the Park Avenue Armory. With the information she provided, Lupin was able to track down the thief and retrieve the Seal of Solomon for his master.

Phase 4: Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Guest Star: The Archive

Few people know that just six feet under Bryant Park lies a bounty of books. This is because the NYC library had built the underground storage area in 1922 and time had hidden it away. What even less people know, including the current employees of the library, is that the storage area also houses several artifacts. This piece of information was lost over the years due to poor record keeping and mismanagement. The storage area had turned into a labyrinth of books making it nearly impossible to find a desired title.

Paarthurnax often met with The Archive to buy information on specific treasures and artifacts he fancied. At their most recent get together, Paarthurnax had enquired about the Merlin’s Eyes, an artifact he had learned about while reading the history of the White Council. The Archive knew a great deal of the artifacts history. She also knew that it was located in this very city, underneath Bryant Park in the NYC libraries’ storage. Paarthurnax was delighted with the free information offered by The Archive and his face twisted into a satisfied grin. The grin quickly faded when The Archive noted that it would be impossible to locate the artifact in the 125,000 square ft storage without someone who knew exactly where to look. Paarthurnax sighed and began negotiating her fee.

Lupin was ordered by his master to work with The Archive and retrieve the Merlin’s Eyes. They met late one evening at the bronze statue of William Cullen Bryant in Bryant Park. As they approached the entrance to the underground storage, Lupin began to feel knots forming in the pit of his stomach. While most people have learned to control this feeling and write it off as performance anxiety, Lupin had learned to trust it. He looked around the entrance and realized that a place with so many valuables should have security. He conveyed his concern to the The Archive and together they devised a plan before entering.

Thanks to The Archives’ knowledge, they were able to find the Merlin’s Eyes in mere minutes. The artifact had been buried under a large stack of Twilight novels the library had hidden away to protect the young minds of our generation. Lupin picked up the pocket sized iron case that contained the artifact and opened it. At first glance, the Merlin’s Eyes looked like an ordinary pair of eyeglasses. The frames were made of iron with a matte finish while the lenses were perfect circles made of impossibly thin glass. The glass had no signs of smudges or scratches; in fact, the only way to see the lenses at all was if you held them up to the light.

After examining the eyeglasses, Lupin decided to try them on. As he did, a nine foot tall minotaur with a large wooden club came into view just a few feet in front of him. The minotaur lifted its club over its head and began to swing it towards Lupin in a powerful arc. Lupin took a step back in shock, but quickly recomposed himself. He looked at The Archive and shouted, “Now!” The Archive swiftly and methodically retrieved a pocket watch from her jacket and whispered a few words as she opened it. A large force of energy spread through the room. Lupin felt its raw power flowing over him like an 800 pound gorilla and winced as he was forced to one knee. Moments later the power faded and he opened his eyes. The minotaur was frozen in place with its club inches away from crushing Lupin’s skull. After gathering his bearings, he moved to his feet, put the Merlin’s Eyes into his pocket and fled the storage area alongside The Archive.

Lupin returned to Paarthurnax and relinquished the artifact, but he still had so many unanswered questions. Why had the Merlin’s Eyes revealed the veiled creature. Who had placed it there? Was it the White Council? The Fae? Lupin had been on many adventures, and while he desired answers, he knew in this business sometimes you don’t get closure, you just move on.

Phase 5: Who else’s Path Have You Crossed? (REAL Last Phase Pending)

Guest Star: Deadpool

Lupin is aware he is a character in a game. He thinks he can steal any power or ability he wishes to from other players. If he gets a hold of the player’s guide he can become a demi-god. Deadpool taught him these tricks. Thank the Gods there is no “Player’s Guide”. He bows to the will of the all-mighty, GM Keith.


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